Saturday, July 2, 2011

Getting back to it

Nanowrimo last November went pretty well for me in general. However, my overall progress towards the 50k word goal didn't go so well. I made it to nearly 14k words, which is probably the most fiction I have written since college. The same group is having a summer camp thing, but I don't plan to participate in that. I am trying to get back to writing and thinking creatively, which is requiring baby steps lately. I've started reading The Artist's Way again and working on the queen sized quilt that I planned out last summer and then got distracted from (work, holidays, etc.). I am hopeful about the writing, but still wondering if I should focus on writing only short stories for the time being, or just let the words carry me wherever.

I started cutting and piecing the wacky blocks that will go into my new quilt (The blocks are using the templates from Denyse Schmidt's Drunk Love quilt pattern). It turns out that the blocks are only 13" finished, not the 16" that I thought they were. I will have to decide whether to add another outer layer to each of the six blocks, or add solid blue strips between them making the blocks float. I have three more blocks to cut and piece, then a 6" wacky strips stripe that will be above the squares strip. I want to keep going, but the cutting is wearing out my hands and the sewing room upstairs is very warm during the day. Check out my progress!

11 different fabrics:

1st two finished squares, laying against the solid blue which will be the majority of the quilt:

3 blocks I've made so far this weekend:

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