Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flirting with RWA

Since my last posting, I've missed writing on two days. I want to say that it seems to be a weekend thing, however this is only occurrence that wasn't impacted by being sick. Friday was a busy day between work and preparing for my husband's office party. After that, I had a headache which left me uninspired to do anything other than take some Excedrin and take a nap. Sunday's focus ended up going to plot planning for the story, so in the end I guess I still contributed effort towards the novel.

Overall, the "at least write 10 words" reminder has continued to achieve me an average of about 350 words per day. As of yesterday, my daily word count average is 364.This is certainly not a NaNoWriMo velocity, but it is more than I wrote last May! I have scenes mapped out 38 different scenes for getting me through the story arc. I'm sure there will be adjusting, and I'm technically restarting the novel this week, but I plan to reuse some content from previously written work and I feel like I finally have a complete plan that can withstand some scrutiny. So now I will write against that synopsis sheet.

In somewhat related news, I attended a little romance novelist panel at my local library last night, where 6 authors discussed the trend of the modern romance novel in contrast to the 'bodice-rippers' of the past. They also did a reading of their favorite hero & heroine from one of their own published books. I am planning to attend one or two meetings of this group's chapter meetings this summer and likely become a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) in a month or two. It probably says something that I'm considering letting my PMI membership lapse for a few months so I could join RWA instead!

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